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Chicago Teachers Go Out On Strike Again

Barbara Madeloni Labor Notes
This time the union has extended its demands: it wants to tackle student homelessness and affordable housing for low-income Chicagoans.


The G.M. Strike Was the Best and the Worst of the Labor Movement

E. Tammy Kim The New York Times
On picket lines around the country, from Wyoming, Michigan to Rochester, N.Y. to Langhorne, Pennsylvania ---G.M. workers made the strike their own. Their fight is one that all of us, regardless of the work we do, should claim as our own.

How to Resolve the Chicago Teachers Strike? Tax the Rich.

Amisha Patel and Nathan Ryan In These Times
The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) is bringing a holistic approach to bargaining to benefit both their members and students. This means bringing common good demands such as affordable housing and sanctuary schools into the contract negotiations...

Tidbits - Oct. 17, 2019 - Reader Comments: Impeachment and Rule of Law; Sanders, Warren and Trolls; Biden corruption; Chicago Teachers Strike; Turkey, Kurds, Syria; "Glass Floor"; Housing; Stopping Workplace Sexual Harassment; Announcements

Reader Comments: Impeachment and Rule of Law; Sanders, Warren and Trolls; Biden and corruption; Chicago Teachers Strike; Turkey, Kurds, Syria; "Glass Floor"; Housing; Puerto Rico; Resource: Stopping Workplace Sexual Harassment; Announcements (lots)


Chicago Teachers Strike Prepare To Strike As Midnight Deadline Looms

Ted Cox
Vice President Jesse Sharkey said, "We're bargaining every day," and that talks would continue through the weekend. As of Monday morning, however, no deal had been made. CBS reports that if there isn't a deal reached by midnight, the strike will begin at 6 a.m. Tuesday.

How Teachers Unions Lead the Way to Better Schools

Amy Dean In These Times - Web Only Feature
Diane Ravitch upends the "bad teachers" narrative...The stakes for our country could not be more profound. The labor movement and the public education system are two critical institutions of American democracy. And they are two that go hand in hand. Teachers unions have played a critical role in advocating for public education, but you'd never know it from mainstream media coverage - there is a great need to lift up this tradition.

Chicago Teacher Strike Ends

Diane Ravitch Diane Ravitch's blog
Why did they strike? After 17 years of reform and disrespect, they were fed up with the bullying. They were tired of the non-educators and politicians telling them how to teach and imposing their remedies. Reform after reform, and children in Chicago still don't have the rich curriculum, the facilities, and the social services they need.

A Gold Star for the Chicago Teachers Strike

Karen Lewis and Randi Weingarten Wall Street Journal
After more than a decade of top-down dictates, disruptive school closures, disregard of teachers' and parents' input, testing that squeezes out teaching, and cuts to the arts, physical education and libraries, educators in Chicago said "enough is enough." With strong support from parents and many in the community, teachers challenged a flawed vision of education reform that has not helped schoolchildren in Chicago or around the country. It took a seven-day strike -
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