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A White Manifesto

By Bob Zellner Moore County NAACP
The left always talks a good game of workers unite black and white but the last thing most liberals do is actually talk to overtly racist white folks. Shirking this movement duty leaves our nation vulnerable to a neo-fascist future paid for by the Koch Brothers and their clone, Art Pope of North Carolina.

The Meaning of Ronald Reagan

by Christopher Phelps Jacobin
The lawsuit against Rick Perlstein is a distraction from a much-needed debate over Reagan’s rise.

GOP Governor Implements GOP Economics, Disaster Ensues

By Paul Waldman Washington Post
In many ways, Brownback’s term has been a perfect experiment in Republican governance. Take a crusading conservative governor, give him a legislature with Republican super-majorities so he can do pretty much whatever he wants, and let him implement the right’s wish list. The result was supposed to be a nirvana of economic growth and budgetary stability. But the opposite happened.

Christie’s New Jersey Window on American Recovery

By Bob Hennelly WhoWhatWhy
New Jersey is among the prime specimens of post-recession America’s lasting political and economic malaise. . . . Most importantly, it’s a bellwether of who, in the final accounting, is going to foot the bills when things go wrong.

Racism, Sexism, And The 50-Year Campaign To Undermine The War On Poverty

Igor Volsky Think Progress
Beginning in 1964 and stretching through today, conservative leaders systematically undermined the programs that shaped Johnson’s War on Poverty, frequently deploying racist and sexist arguments to take away public assistance from the poorest Americans. Their rhetoric didn’t directly undo these social programs, but it chipped away at their foundation and altered Americans’ perceptions about the proper role of government.

ALEC’s Extreme Legislative Agenda for 2014

By Rebekah Wilce PR Watch:
On ALEC's agenda for 2014 are the following priorities and bills (which will become official ALEC "models" once passed by the task forces -- with corporate lobbyists voting as equals alongside state legislators -- and approved by the board of directors):

North Carolina Faculty Complain After Conservative Group Seeks Liberal Professor’s Email

By Jane Stancill Raleigh News and Observer
“Surveilling a professor’s communications is a really troubling approach to protecting liberty,” the law professors wrote in a letter published Tuesday on the Chapel Hill News website and in the paper’s Wednesday print edition. “We deeply admire Gene Nichol’s commitment to protecting and speaking for the state’s poor and disempowered. The only comfort we take from this sorry request by Civitas is our confidence that it will increase his passion.”
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