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Dispatches From the Culture Wars - Focus on the Terrorist Right

The violent right’s influence in intelligence, police, conservatism - and how to fight it

Proud Boys and supporters of the police participate in a protest in Portland, Ore.,credit: reuters /MARANIE STAAB

Trump’s Lack of Intelligence

By Betsy Woodruff Swan
August 26, 2020

Two top former political appointees tried to tackle the problem before giving up on the Trump administration. Frustrated by the president’s failure to act, they are actively supporting his opponent.

The Police Connection

By Christopher Mathias
August 28, 2020

New data shows that far-right vigilantes, often with support from cops, have threatened protesters nearly 500 times since police killed George Floyd.

Countering the Threat

By Archie Henderson
August 27, 2020

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We should not assume that the radical right will collapse under the weight of its many internal conflicts and contradictions.

Conservatives and Kyle Rittenhouse

By Sarah Jones
August 27, 2020
New York Magazine

The right wing is treating Rittenhouse the way it already treats cops. A gun is all the authority a white man needs.

Under Their Thumb

By Rafia Zakaria  
August 28, 2020
The Baffler

Trump’s female advocates disdain the outside, non-compliant women, who do not wish to live in thrall of a man who has turned the White House into his personal pleasure dome.

Women’s Suffrage and Black Freedom

By Angela P. Dodson
August 18, 2020
The Undefeated

The history of the women’s suffrage movement is inseparable from the history of race in the United States.

How to Escape a Sex Panic

By Kevin Henderson and Joseph J. Fischel
August 25, 2020
Boston Review

Allegations against Mayor Alex Morse sought to use a moral panic for political gain. Such manipulations of public sentiment can set back decades of progressive politics.

Food and Eco-Disaster

By Terry Sunderland 
August 28, 2020
The Tyee

Our food choices are pushing industrial farming into forests, at a huge global cost.

Democracy and Oligarchy

By Heather Cox Richardson
July 30, 2020
Moyers On Democracy

After the Civil War, Southern ideals spread quickly to the West. It’s all about America’s ongoing battle between oligarchy and democracy.