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A People’s Vaccine Against a Mutating Virus and Neoliberal Rule

Nicolas JS Davies Counterpunch
Around the world, we are witnessing what can happen when people rise up and act collectively for the common good. That is how we will solve the serious problems we face, from the COVID pandemic to the climate crisis to the danger of nuclear war.

The Pentagon Took Money for PPE and Bought Weapons

Phyllis Bennis Foreign Policy in Focus
sewing a mask The military says that the “health” of the defense industry is crucial to national security. But the CARES Act money was specifically allocated to protect the health of the people of this country — not the companies that build weapons.

It Has Come to This: Ignore the C.D.C.

Harold Varmus and Rajiv Shah The New York Times
The agency’s new guidelines are wrong, so states have to step up on their own to suppress the coronavirus.

This Op-Ed Can Get Us Arrested in the Philippines

Menchie Caliboso and Vanessa Acosta FORTHE
police shooting at Filipino demonstrators What if state officials targeted people who shared an Instagram post criticizing the government for criminalizing the poor and not providing mass testing or economic relief?

Racism Is A Deadly Virus, Too: A Public Health Defense Of These Mass Protests

Mary Bassett, Caroline Buckee and Nancy Krieger New York Daily News
Protesters are in the streets demonstrating against police brutality and white supremacy to protect themselves and their communities because institutions have been killing black people in this country far longer than the coronavirus has.
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