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Diane Moomey Plum Tree Tavern
Even when April showers pour in California, as poet Diane Moomey reflects, the true issue is how long will the water last and for whom?

Why California’s Biggest Water Users Are Kept Secret

Katharine Mieszkowski and Lance Williams Reveal/Center for Investigative Reporting
In the midst of a historic drought, Californians have no way of knowing who is guzzling the most water. That’s not an accident. It’s by design, thanks to an obscure 1997 measure that weakened one of the state’s chief open government laws, the California Public Records Act. For the source of this legislation, look no further than Silicon Valley, where the city of Palo Alto decided it needed to do more to protect the privacy of the tech elite.

577 Billion Ways Extreme Weather and Extreme Energy Are Connected

Sean Sweeney Trade Unions for Energy Democracy
"The chaos created by extreme weather has been compounded by the chaos of deregulated energy markets and profit-driven corporations who care little about workers and the interests of the public." - D. Michael Langford, president of the Utility Workers Union of America
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