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The Climate for 2015: Everything’s Coming Together While Everything Falls Apart

Rebecca Solnit Tom Dispatch
We are skilled at assuming things cannot change and that we, the people, do not have the power to change them. Yet our country and our world have always been changing, are in the midst of great and terrible changes, and are occasionally changed through the power of the popular will and idealistic movements. The changing climate now demands that we summon up the energy to leave behind the Age of Fossil Fuel (and maybe some portion of the Age of Capitalism as well).

Kentucky's Keystone XL

By Cole Stangler In These Times
Nuns, landowners and environmentalists take on the union-backed Bluegrass Pipeline.

Summer Reading About What Ails America and How to Fix It

Peter Dreier Huff Post Politics
Many folks want to spend their vacations just chilling rather than thinking about the problems at work, at home, and in the world. But if you're interested in figuring out the roots of our current economic, social and political crisis, what it will take to fix it, and how you can be part of the solution, here's a list of 15 recent books you might want to take with you.
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