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#MeToo and McDonald’s

Annelise Orleck Jacobin Magazine
It’s been a long time since a strike in the US directly targeted sexual harassment. But on Tuesday, women workers took direct action against their bosses and brought the #MeToo movement to McDonald's.

Tidbits - September 11, 2014

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How Fast Food Worker Strikes Ignited Across the Country

Alan Pyke and Adam Peck Think Progress
Today is the biggest strike in fast food history and it's phenomenal. Actions in support of $15/hour wages and the right to form a union without retaliation have spread across the globe. Workers went on strike in 158 American cities, according to, including in 56 U.S. cities where there had not been a strike previously, International worker solidarity actions are taking place in 93 international cities spread across 36 countries.

Tidbits - May 15, 2014

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Global Strike Hits Fast Food Industry as Turkish Workers Demand Justice

Fast food workers from around the world participated in a strike against McDonalds and other low-wage employers in an ongoing struggle to demand a living wage. Meanwhile, strikes erupted in Turkey in reaction to government inaction and possible complicity in a disastrous coal mine explosion that has left hundreds of miners dead.

Fast-Food Worker Strike About to Go Global

Bruce Horovitz USA Today
In the U.S. strikes are expected to include the first walkouts in Philadelphia, Sacramento, Miami and Orlando. Outside the U.S., the protests are expected to include protests in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, South America and Central America.

Fast Food Strikes Hit 100 Cities Thursday

By Allison Kilkenny The Nation
“I’m tired of working for $7.25, I can’t take care of my household, I can’t even take care of myself," says Mary Coleman,Mary Coleman, who works at a Popeye’s in Milwaukee for $7.25 an hour. Coleman, 59, lives with her daughter, who has a heart condition, and her two grandchildren. She also relies on food stamps to make ends meet and says she would gladly trade in her Qwest card for higher wages. Thursday marks Mary’s fourth strike.
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