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Bill Clinton: His Career a Disaster for Black Americans

Nathan J. Robinson Jacobin
With all the toxicity coming out of the White House and the GOP-dominated Congress, it's important to remember how insufferable were the politics of the neoliberal Democrats in power under Bill Clinton. The book under review (an article derived from the book is below) should help us remember how malignant were the Clinton years when it came to economic and social justice.


Yikes! New Behind-the-Scenes Book Brutalizes the Clinton Campaign

Matt Taibbi Rolling Stone
Two veteran Washington reporters mine a host of anonymous sources to give us a devastating portrait of a Hillary Clinton presidential effort that was a campaign without either a mission or a vision. Matt Taibbi takes a look.

Demographics Are Not Destiny

Barry Eidlin Jacobin
Democrats were wrong to think that shifting demographics alone would hand them victory. What then determines whether workers respond to economic grievances with nativism or solidarity? In a word, organization.

Blaming Millennials for Trump - 99 Problems But the Kids Ain't One

Scott Goodstein Policy.Mic
Young voters were the only age bracket that Clinton actually won. We need to stop blaming them. Far from sitting on their hands, today's young voters are actively engaged. If the Clinton campaign is dissatisfied with their level of millennial support, they should take a hard look at where their young voter strategy failed.

Tidbits - December 15, 2016 - Reader Comments: Global Nuclear War Danger; Clinton and Working Class Voters; Star Wars; The Left - What Now; Russian-Election Frenzy; Butter; #NoDAPL Actions; Cuba Travel; Holiday Book Offers; and more ...

Reader Comments: Global Nuclear War Danger - Avoiding the Unthinkable; Hillary Clinton and Working Class Voters; Art as Politics: Star Wars New Movie; What Now for the Left; Viewers debate the Russian-Election Frenzy; Brazil; W.E.B. DuBois and the Working Class; Student Digital Literacy and Technology; Butter - Good for You?; #NoDAPL December Month of Actions; Responsible and Ethical Cuba Travel; Special - Holiday Book Offers; and more ...

Trump's Victory Is a Wake-Up Call to the Left; Lesson for Democrats: Back to Class

Lynn Koh; Jeff Faux In These Times
Did we do enough in 2016? And how can we build a broader electoral movement? I don't believe the Left bears the brunt of the blame for Hillary Clinton's defeat, and I reject arguments that try to score political points through guilt-tripping. Both long-term and short-term factors worked against a Clinton victory. Trump is not Reagan; 2016 is not 1980. But both elections were lost by tone-deaf Democratic elites who dismissed the economic anxieties of the working class.


The Dangerous Myth That Hillary Clinton Ignored The Working Class

Derek Thompson The Atlantic
The author says Hillary Clinton talked about the working class constantly. She had plans to help coal miners and steelworkers. She had plans to help those getting out of prison get jobs. She promoted clean energy jobs and spoke of the dignity of manufacturing jobs. The author argues that white Trump voters might just have been more interested in his attacks against Muslims and Hispanics.

Russian Propaganda Effort Helped Spread ‘Fake News’ During Election, Experts Say

Craig Timberg Washington Post
There is no way to know whether Russian 'fake news' efforts proved decisive in electing Trump, but researchers say it was part of a broadly effective strategy. The tactics included penetrating the computers of election officials and releasing troves of hacked emails that embarrassed Clinton in the final months of her campaign.


Winning at Russian Roulette

Scott McLemee Inside Higher Ed
McLemee looks at 30 academic studies of Hillary Clinton, finding interest in her focusing either as a user of some form of communication media or as an object of media representation. Like the campaign's news coverage, where personality trumped policy, research tended to focus on how Clinton challenged or was constrained by traditional female roles or implicit assumptions about the proper connect between public and private identity than in her work as a public official.
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