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The MAGA storming of the Capitol is one year old. The attempted coup is still happening. The reshaping of the Republican Party as an insurrectionary force and the expansion of armed gangs aim to smash democracy. Please help us to inform, to mobilize and to inspire the forces of multi-racial, radical, inclusive democracy to defeat this threat in 2022.


Democracy, Trade, Globalization and Trump

Thomas Piketty; Naomi Klein The Guardian (UK)
Rising inequality is largely to blame for this electoral upset. Continuing with business as usual is not an option. People have lost their sense of security, status and even identity. This result is the scream of an America desperate for radical change. People have a right to be angry, and a powerful, intersectional left agenda can direct that anger where it belongs. Thomas Piketty and Naomi Klein offer up interesting analysis.

Tidbits - November 17, 2016 - Reader Comments: Analyzing a Very Close Election; What Now, What Next?; Revenge of the Forgotten Class; Announcements: and more...

Reader Comments: Analyzing a Very Close Election; What Now, What Next?; Revenge of the Forgotten Class - What Impacted How White Workers Voted?; A Message from the Past for us Today - from A.J. Muste; Announcements: 2016 Election Debrief; Announcing the Website; The Spanish Civil War & the Abraham Lincoln Brigade: 80 Years Later; Puerto Rico: Facts and Realities of Living Under PROMESA; Clemency for Leonard Peltier - week of actions; and more...

Welcome to the Fight

D.D. Guttenplan The Nation
If we withdraw into our grief and abandon those most threatened by Trump's win, history will never forgive us. These are the times that try men's souls-and women's, too. It is time to summon everyday massive nonviolent civil disobedience on a scale not seen in this country for decades. The next four years will test our country-and our movement-like nothing else we have seen in our lifetimes. Welcome to the fight.

How Do I Tell My Daughter that America Elected a Racist, Sexist Bully?

Jessica Valenti The Guardian (UK)
My six-year-old fell asleep thinking Hillary Clinton would be the first female president. Now I have to explain to her why Donald Trump was chosen instead. The truth is that this shameful election result was backlash, pure and simple - a reaction to women's growing rights, racial progress and a cultural shift that no longer centers straight white men.

Friday Nite Videos -- November 4, 2016

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton. Epic Rap Battles of History. NC NAACP Wins Major Voting Rights Case. "Michael Moore in TrumpLand" & the Sound of Dying Dinosaurs. Jon Stewart's Twitter Fight With Donald Trump. Police Violently Attack Protesters At Standing Rock.

Overcoming Bitterness and No Longer Assuming the Worst of Democrats

Stephen Zunes Tikkun
I have been obsessed with exposing the Clintons and like-minded Democratic politicians' dangerous foreign policies, challenging liberal naivet, that ignores or excuses such hawkish proclivities ... Such attitudes played a decisive role in the narrow election victories of Richard Nixon over Hubert Humphrey and of George W. Bush over Al Gore and over John Kerry, resulting in horrific consequences to millions of people in the United States and the world.


A Solid Trump Exposé That Gives Hillary a Pass

Michael Hirsch New Politics
A new book on Donald Trump is as revealing of the foibles and dangers of this reactionary, mysogynistic megalomanic as any honest and brutal piece of opposition research can be. It's also a latent warning of how a future hard right candidate might succeed absent Trump's egregious vulnerabilities. The reviewer faults the book for what it doesn't offer and some readers might expect; any indication that centrist Hillary Clinton is no sure friend of working people.

Defeating `Trumpism' - An Opportunity to Push the Nation - and Dems - Forward

Steve London Clarion - Professional Staff Congress (PSC)
How we vote on November 8 will be the first step in a long process of building a new economic and political order in New York State and in the United States. It is an opportunity to push the nation - and Dems - forward. It is important to vote the Working Families Party (WFP) line for several reasons. The WFP is an independent progressive political party that in New York State can run progressive candidates who are endorsed by both the WFP and the Democratic Party.
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