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Election Views: Support Hillary, Then Fight Like Hell

Ethan Young The Indypendent
Then came the bitterest drop of reality: Hillary Clinton was the nominee. That meant her election was all that stood against Donald Trump. And THAT meant we would be forced to choose someone we didn’t want, even hated, to head off a result that would open the floodgates of a fascist insurgency.

Learning to Claim Our Victories - Finding Hope in Dismal Times

Rebecca Gordon Tom Dispatch
'Luckily, not everyone has been glued to the screen, eternally watching The Donald. From Black Lives Matter to the climate change movement, activists have, as TomDispatch regular Rebecca Gordon points out, never stopped working to make this a better world and, as she indicates, if we can take our eyes off the media spectacle-cum-circus for a few moments, they offer us a kind of hope for our future that shouldn't be ignored.' - Tom Engelhardt

Dump Trump, Defeat Racism and Misogyny, Build the Left

In These Times
An open letter to the left from 47 grassroots organizers. Defeating Trump in the presidential election is a top priority for the left. And at a minimum, that means mobilizing voters for Hillary Clinton in swing states. When we hear people say they don't know who to vote for because both candidates are equally bad, we get worried. A Trump victory would embolden hard-core racists, Islamophobes, misogynists, and anti-immigrant groups.


Two Federal Unions Cling to Trump, Despite Everything

Joe Davidson The Washington Post
If his racist, misogynistic, narcissistic campaign does win, two unions representing thousands of federal law enforcement officers will have been accomplices. Even as dozens of Republican stalwarts flee Trump, no longer able to stomach the latest vulgar demonstration of his character, the National Border Patrol Council and the National ICE Council remain in his throng.

The Clinton-Trump Electoral Map Looks Almost Exactly Like the Obama-Romney Map. How Is That Possible?

Jon Wiener The Nation
These long-term patterns of stability are amplified by the electoral college and its winner-take-all rule. Over the last five or six elections, only a handful of states have shifted parties from one election to the next. And despite campaigns spending hundreds of millions in swing states, most of them swing back to where they were last time. This year it looks like only one or two states will switch parties on election day.

Bernie Sanders: The `Nation' Interview

Katrina vanden Heuvel and John Nichols The Nation
In an exclusive post-primary sit-down, Senator Sanders speaks on Our Revolution, Donald Trump, and what he really thinks about Hillary Clinton. "I've got to do everything that I can to make sure that Trump does not become president."
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