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Why We Need to Listen to Rashida Tlaib

Jeffrey C. Isaac Public Seminar
Defending liberal democracy from Trumpism is not a distraction from what is really important. It is itself really important, as an end and as a means of further advancing a progressive agenda.

Time to Begin Impeachment Proceedings

Rashida Tlaib and John Bonifaz Detroit Free Press
We do not need to wait on the outcome of Mueller’s investigation before moving forward with an inquiry on whether the president has committed impeachable “high crimes and misdemeanors”: abuse of power and abuse of the public trust.

Tidbits - Dec. 13, 2018 - Reader Comments: Immigration, Borders; Wisconsin GOP Coup; George H.W. Bush; 2018 elections; Impeachment Dilemma; GM Closings; Break Up Facebook; Marc Lamont Hill; Lots of Resources and Announcements;

Reader Comments: Immigration and Borders; Wisconsin GOP Attempt Coup; Books About Food; George H.W. Bush; 2018 elections; Impeachment Dilemma; Fighting GM Closings; Break Up Facebook, and ...; Marc Lamont Hill; Lots of Resources and Announcements;

The Watergate Blueprint for Impeaching Donald Trump

Elizabeth Holtzman The Intercept
In Watergate, there was a criminal investigation and congressional inquiries, including an impeachment process. All were thorough and fair and together they re-established the public’s faith in the viability of our democracy and the Constitution.

The Rule of Law in America Has Always Been Selective

Carol Anderson Huffington Post
The destruction of the rule of law has actually been going on for a long, long time. Even the incredible power of the Civil Rights Movement couldn’t make the rule of law viable for black citizens. Eventually, rampant but selective disregard for the rule of law taints and corrupts the entire system.

Why Are So Many Democrats Afraid of Impeachment?

John Nichols The Nation
Party leaders need to make clear that impeachment is always valid when there is evidence of presidential wrongdoing, cover-ups, and corruption of justice. Openly discussing the impeachment power, and clearly stating when and how it must be applied, puts the president on notice.
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