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The Watergate Blueprint for Impeaching Donald Trump

Elizabeth Holtzman The Intercept
In Watergate, there was a criminal investigation and congressional inquiries, including an impeachment process. All were thorough and fair and together they re-established the public’s faith in the viability of our democracy and the Constitution.

The Rule of Law in America Has Always Been Selective

Carol Anderson Huffington Post
The destruction of the rule of law has actually been going on for a long, long time. Even the incredible power of the Civil Rights Movement couldn’t make the rule of law viable for black citizens. Eventually, rampant but selective disregard for the rule of law taints and corrupts the entire system.

Why Are So Many Democrats Afraid of Impeachment?

John Nichols The Nation
Party leaders need to make clear that impeachment is always valid when there is evidence of presidential wrongdoing, cover-ups, and corruption of justice. Openly discussing the impeachment power, and clearly stating when and how it must be applied, puts the president on notice.

500 Words on Trump's Future

Carl Davidson Portside
For the credibility of the left, we have to mark out our own turf in this upheaval. We have to independently offer our own priorities on what’s wrong with Trump.

Tidbits - June 15, 2017 - Reader Comments: Impeachment, Not McCarthyism - Differing Views; Who Were Trump Voters; Bernie Sanders, and Working Families Party; United and Popular Front Lessons; Why Corbyn Won; Healthcare for All God's Children; and more...

Reader Comments: Impeachment, Not McCarthyism - Differing Reader Views; Who Were Trump Voters; Bernie Sanders, Our Revolution and the Working Families Party; United Front, Popular Front Lessons; Why Corbyn Won; Healthcare for All God's Children; California Single-Payer; A Message to Our Community on 50 Years of Occupation; Resources: When Black Women Succeed, All Women Succeed; Iran 1953: State Department Finally Releases Updated Official History of Mosaddeq Coup; more..

Calls for Impeachment Grow; Not ‘McCarthyism’ to Demand Answers on Trump, Russia, and the Election; Katha Pollitt
The calls for Impeachment deepen. Some are concerned that we then get Pence, then what. The impeachment process is drawn out, will take us into next year (2018), maybe even 2019. Organizing at the grassroots and nationally will tie into the elections. This can help us build a mass movement to repudiate the politics of Trump and Trumpism. Defeating a sitting President is no small thing. And, Katha Pollitt on why Russia-gate is not same as 50s McCarthyism.
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