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The Indonesian Massacre: What Did the U.S. Know?

Margaret Scott New York Review of Books
President Obama welcomed Indonesian President Joko Widodo to the White House last week, 50 years after the U.S. backed military coup that resulted in the killings of hundreds of thousands of suspected Indonesian Communists and just weeks after the CIA’s declassification of intelligence documents offers an opportunity to revisit the U.S role in those murderous events. But neither president appears ready to probe further one of the worst massacres since World War II.

Is Indonesia's Fire Crisis Connected to the Palm Oil in our Snack Food?

Lindsey Allen The Guardian
The widespread burning of tropical rainforests and peatlands to develop pulpwood and palm oil plantations is one of the largest sources of carbon pollution occurring in the world today. The fires are due to a broken system of international commodity production that will take all of us at both ends of the supply chain to fix. This will necessitate holding Western companies accountable for the consequences of their global operations.

Tidbits - October 29, 2015 - Sanders Ignites Popular Movement; How Should He Talk About Socialism; Hillary and Labor; Cuba Solidarity and more...

Reader Comments: Sanders Ignites a Populist Movement; How Sanders Should Talk About Democratic Socialism - readers offer differing views; Clinton and Labor Support; Argentina; Indonesia and the Act of Killing; Vera B. Williams and Children's Literature; A Progressive Song To Tap Your Feet To! from Kristin Lems; Announcements: Paul Robeson Play - More Performances - Hackettstown, NJ; Cuba Speaks for Itself - New York- Nov 4; Washington, DC- Nov 7; Bay Area- Nov. 13


Across Asia's Borders, Labor Activists Team Up to Press Wage Claims

Eveline Danubrata and Prak Chan Thul Reuters
For global companies that have shifted production to Southeast Asia's low-cost manufacturing hub, greater cross-boarder labor coordination could mean less room for wage bargaining, a squeeze on profits and maybe even higher price tags on anything from shoes and clothing to cars and electronics appliances. But even as wages rise, labor activists are confident they aren't at risk of pricing themselves out of the market.

The Most Important Labor Strike in the World Is Happening Right Now

David Callahan Policy Shop Blog / Demos
Tens of thousands of workers at industrial estates across Indonesia walked off their jobs on Oct 28 at the start of week-long protests to demand average wage increases of 50 per cent next year, citing rising living costs.

The Act of Killing -- Movie Trailer

Documentary film director Joshua Oppenheimer challenges some of the death squad leaders of the Indonesian massacres of 1965 to reenact the real life mass killings in the style of the American movies they love. In theaters now.
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