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Global Left Midweek - June 26, 2019

Interviews with Enzo Traverso (antifascist historian), Seif Da'na (Egypt), Sybelle Kaczorek (Germany), Richard Seymour (UK), Radha Gyawali (Nepal), Sudanese comrades, Hernan Vargas (Venezuela), João Pedro Stedile (Brazil)

Global Left Midweek - March 20, 2019

Worldwide Climate Protest, Algiers Upsurge, Stédile on Venezuela, Philippines Strike, Yellow Vests, Remembering Marielle, Ukraine Elections, Pakistani Women's Movement Under Attack

Global Left Midweek - October 17, 2018

Youth for Africa, MST Leader on Brazil Elections, Prashad on China, French Communists Debate, Movements Meet in Colombia, Indonesia Cops Bust Anti-World Bank Meeting

The Meaning of and Perspectives for the Street Demonstrations in Brazil

Brasil de Fato Portside
Interview with Joao Pedro Stedile, of the coordination of the MST (Landless Workers Movement) for the periodical BRASIL DE FATO - Sao Paulo, 24th June 2013. Since the interview, President Dilma Rousseff has called for political reforms, and met members of the main organisation in the mobilisations.
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