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Friday Nite Videos | November 06, 2020

Leonard Cohen | Democracy Is Coming to the USA. Leela James | A Change Is Gonna Come. Trump Cries Fraud and Calls Dibs on the Presidency. How QAnon Has Gone Global. Trump, McCain, Bush and Carter: Different Reactions to Bad Election Results.

John McCain's Salute to a Communist

Chip Gibbons, John McCain The Volunteer, The New York Times
In 2012 Del Berg, the last surviving American to fight with the International Brigades in Spain, died. Here is John McCain's public tribute to Berg, and what Berg's FBI files show about the cold war persecution of Berg and his comrades.

John McCain Wasn’t a Hero

Branko Marcetic Jacobin
John McCain's greatest achievement was convincing the world through charming banter and occasional opposition to his party's agenda that he was anything other than a reactionary, bloodthirsty war hawk.

Rather Than Do The Right Thing, McCain Did The Right-Wing Thing

Peter Dreier Huffington Post
So much for McCain’s claim to be “maverick.” John McCain and Ted Kennedy, who both returned to the Senate floor to cast votes after revealing that they had brain cancer. Kennedy cast a vote to protect Medicare. McCain cast a cowardly vote to undo Obamacare, a vote that could deny health coverage to millions of Americans. McCain, whose brain cancer is terminal, will die with dishonor.

Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil

Michael Winship
A political party cannot investigate itself. And clearly, Chairman Nunes no longer has the credibility to run the House investigation.

Tidbits - April 7, 2016 - Reader Comments: Bernie - Jewish Secular Values; Long Legs of Bernie's Army; 2016 - not 1968 or 1932; John McCain: Salute to a Communist; Fidel's Message; and lots more...

Reader Comments: Bernie - Jewish Secular Values and what they represent; Long Legs of Bernie's Army; 2016 is not 1968 or 1932; John McCain: Salute to a Communist; Fidel's Message to Brother Obama; the Right Minimum Wage; Tech Workers and the Working Class; Israeli Minister Calls for 'Civil ' Targeted Killings of BDS Leaders - Azmi Bishara is No Enemy of the Israeli State; Military Leviathan and the Draft; Announcements: Washington, DC; Brooklyn; Berkeley; New York
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