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Keith Ellison’s Narrow Victory

William P. Jones Dissent
Minnesotans voted to reelect the attorney general who prosecuted Derek Chauvin. The result holds important lessons for the Democratic Party on its approach to criminal justice.


Unions Stake Out Positions in Battle for DNC Chair

Justin Miller The American Prospect
In the face of Trump and the GOP’s likely nationwide attack on unions, labor leaders are scrambling to ensure that they have a hand in reshaping a Democratic Party that has, as union power has diminished, sometimes pushed organized labor to the margins. Union members make up about 100 of the roughly 447 voting members of the Democratic National Committee, making union support a major factor in the race for DNC chair.

The Man Hoping to Counter President Trump

John Bresnahan and Daniel Strauss Politico
Ellison has pushed policies strongly backed by the left (some of which overlap with Trump's) — reworking major trade deals to benefit American workers, a $1 trillion infrastructure package, protecting entitlement programs, raising taxes on richer Americans, universal health care, stronger environmental protection, drastic cuts in defense spending, background checks for gun sales and a big boost in health and welfare programs.

Progressive Caucus, Labor, Activist Groups Urge 'No' Vote on Spending Bill

Seung Min Kim; Jordan Fabian; Lindsay Koshgarian
Congressional Progressive Caucus urged members to reject the so-called Cromnibus if a provision which helps big banks trade derivatives in units backstopped by a government guarantee remained in the spending measure. This kind of activity was a cause of the 2008 crisis - it a giveaway to wealthy campaign donors and Wall Street banks. Analysis for more information about key takeaways from the proposed spending bill, as well as a few controversial surprises.
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