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Local Living Wage Laws Are in Republican Crosshairs in Wisconsin

By Mark E Andersen Daily Kos Labor
Governing in Wisconsin is no longer about meeting the needs of your constituents—it has become about meeting the needs of corporate donors as it is obvious that this bill was not proposed by someone working for minimum wage.

She Worked Hard for the Money

Misty Upham The Daily Beast
SAG nominee Misty Upham speaks from experience when she stands up for domestic workers.

Honor King by Setting Living Wage

William P. Jones and Peter Rickman
As our nation celebrates King’s life, we would do well by his legacy to embrace his powerful vision of economic justice.


Jeff Danziger

In the War on Poverty, a Dogged Adversary

Eduardo Porter New York Times
And yet for all the shortcomings of the government’s strategy, the main reason for America’s persistent poverty is the disappearance of jobs with decent pay that can take workers above the poverty line without the government’s help.

Tidbits - December 12, 2013

Reader Comments - Nelson Mandela; Republic Windows - CEOs Going to Jail; Minimum Wage; Healthcare - Single-Payer; Syria; India homophobia; Austerity; Living Wage - Low wage workers; Books to read (or to give; or both); Announcements - Suggestion for Year-end Giving - Davis-Putter Scholarship; Shostakovich For The Children Of Syria - Carnegie Hall, New York - January 13

Friday Nite Videos -- Dec 6, 2013 (Mandela)

Music has always been a powerful expression and organizing tool of the oppressed people of South Africa. Here is music inspired by and supporting their struggles, including the artists Hugh Masakela, Abdullah Ibrahim, Johnny Clegg and Gil Scott-Heron.


LA Walmart Workers Go On Strike

OUR Walmart (Organization United for Respect at Walmart) Common Dreams
Workers put jobs on the line in protest of Walmart's aggressive efforts to silence them. Community leaders vow peaceful civil disobedience in protest of Walmart's retaliation and poverty-jobs.
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