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Golden Age Superheroes Were Shaped By the Rise of Fascism

Art Spiegelman The Guardian
When Art Spiegelman wrote the introduction (below) to a collection of vintage Marvel super-heroes, a passing negative reference to Trump was enough for the publishers to jettison the quality introduction.


Luke Cage in Context - The Racial Politics of an ‘Unbreakable’ Black Man

RACHEL A The Daily Fandom
Context is crucial to the politics of a narrative, always. In the context of the #BlackLivesMatter protests, and the increasing public focus on police brutality toward particularly African American communities in the U.S., it is important to ask how the fantasy of Luke Cage – a black man who is “unbreakable” – fits into the current socio-political landscape.


Netflix' Daredevil Is TV's First Gentrification-Fighting Superhero

Jeet Heer New Republic
“Daredevil,” adapted from the long-running Marvel comics franchise, is a superhero show about the evils of gentrification—a politically engaged work which is energized by debates about urban inequality. These debates are salient not only in the era of Mayor Bill de Blasio but also have roots deep in the city’s history.
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