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Global Left Midweek - May Day 2019

Opposing rallies in Venezuela, May Day in Europe, unions send a message to Spanish Socialist Party, reports from all over.

Tidbits - March 29, 2018 - Reader Comments: Nation Demands Gun Control - Parkland Manifesto, Youth of Color; 2018 Elections; Bolton War Preparations; Puerto Rico; Unions: What Now; May Day -Chicago; Announcements; and more...

Reader Comments: Nation Demands Gun Control - Parkland Student Manifesto; Youth of Color Demand to be Heard; 2018 Elections; Bolton and War Preparations; Vietnam War; Puerto Rico; Unions: What Now; Europe-Lessons from Center-Left Collapse; May Day in Chicago; Announcements; and more...


In Grim Times, Brazil Young Workers Take Charge of Future

Tula Connell Solidarity Center
U.S. and Brazilian union activists joined May Day celebrations in São Paulo. More than 14.2 million Brazilians were without a job in March. With young workers and workers of color especially hard hit by rising unemployment and proposed legislation that would undermine fundamental worker rights, they are standing up for the their future by mobilizing in the streets, through their unions and other associations.

The Birth of a Holiday

Eric Hobsbawm Jacobin
The late Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm recounts the origins of International Workers' Day.

Immigrant Workers March on D.C.: ‘Trump Benefits When We are Divided’

Tina Vasquez Rewire
Whether intentionally or by virtue of the fact that the populations historically affected by low-wage, abusive workplaces are people of color, MLOV’s DC on Strike May Day rally was intersectional, highlighting how the most vulnerable communities are always those with the most complex identities.

Reclaiming May Day, Workers' Day Born in U.S.

Al Hart United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America (UE)
The tradition of May 1 as the international holiday of the working class began in the United States, but for many decades was lost to the U.S. working class. Beginning in 2006, with mass marches and work stoppages by immigrant workers, working people in this country have begun to reclaim their day.

Tidbits - April 27, 2017 - Reader Comments: Peoples Climate March; Science; Korea; Nuclear War Danger; France; Hawaii IS a State; GOP Health Plan; Single-Payer; Fascism Today; Resources; Announcements-MAY DAY; Labor Film Festival; and more....

Reader Comments: Peoples Climate March and a Defense of Science; Korea; Danger of Nuclear War; Marine Le Pen is a Fascist, Not a Populist; Hawaii IS a State - Understand Jeff Sessions; GOP Health Plan - A Disaster; Attraction of Single-Payer; Airline Abuse, Profits and Deregulation; Fascism Today - Portside readers exchange views; Resources; Announcements-MAY DAY; Trump and the Left; Labor Film Festival; Left Forum; Oscar López Rivera is Coming to New York; and more...
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