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Friday Nite Videos | August 17, 2018

John Oliver: Astroturfing. A Ride Through Oakland With Boots Riley. Amos Lee - “Dying White Light”. Movie | Fahrenheit 11/9. Gladys Knight and Smokey Robinson Remember Aretha Franklin.

Movie | Fahrenheit 11/9

Palme d’Or–winning documentarian Michael Moore (Fahrenheit 9/11) turns his attention to another significant date, examining the legacy of Trump’s ascension to the US presidency on November 9, 2016. In theaters everywhere September 21. 

Friday Nite Videos -- November 11, 2016

Elizabeth Warren | 'Why We Are Angry'. Leonard Cohen | Democracy. John Oliver: School Segregation. Michael Moore: Get Out and Protest. Millions Sign Onto Call for Electoral College to Award the Presidency to Popular Vote Winner Clinton.

Michael Moore: Get Out and Protest

The filmmaker says the demonstrations that have broken out in the wake of Donald Trump's victory are only going to get bigger. 

Friday Nite Videos -- November 4, 2016

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton. Epic Rap Battles of History. NC NAACP Wins Major Voting Rights Case. "Michael Moore in TrumpLand" & the Sound of Dying Dinosaurs. Jon Stewart's Twitter Fight With Donald Trump. Police Violently Attack Protesters At Standing Rock.


A Working-Class Filmmaker Is Something to Be: An Interview with Michael Moore

Ed Rampell The Progressive
The droll conceit of "Where to Invade Next" is that the Joint Chiefs of Staff “summon” Michael to the Pentagon and deploy him to “invade” countries around the world. But instead of looting them of their natural resources, such as oil, Moore brings their best ideas—including free university education, expanded leisure time, worker representation on boards of directors, school reform, punishment of bankers for recklessly wrecking economies, prison reform, back to the US.


Europe, A Love Story: Michael Moore’s Latest Film Tries To Sell Social Democracy to America

Jeremy Ganz In These Times
Past Moore movies have proven that huge audiences can be found for political documentaries. Oscar-winning Bowling for Columbine was the highest-grossing documentary until Fahrenheit 9/11 snagged that record, and Sicko is in the top 10 for the genre. But all those films aimed their fire squarely at the United States, while Where to Invade Next aims a meandering Hi-Liter at a smattering of countries. And we all know that outrage is an easier sell than optimism.


Filmmaker Michael Moore's Letter to Donald Trump

Michael Moore
'In desperation and insanity, you call for a ban on all Muslims entering this country. I was raised to believe that we are all each other's brother and sister, regardless of race, creed or color. That means if you want to ban Muslims, you are first going to have to ban me. And everyone else.'

Friday Nite Videos -- December 18, 2015

Bernie Sanders Knocks Donald Trump's Scapegoating. Why Einstein Hated Quantum Mechanics. Merry Confederate Christmas. How Girls Who Code Is Bridging The Gender Gap In Tech. Movie: Where to Invade Next.
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