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The Long Haitian Revolution

Pierre Labossiere, Margaret Prescod, Camila Valle Monthly Review
“The Haitian movement, though the most pivotal to the abolition of slavery in the Americas, is the most neglected—we all owe a great debt to Haitians and must pay it.”

Behind the Covid Numbers in Haiti

Jane Regan NACLA Report on the Americas
Making masks in Haiti The struggle to work with the people to protect everyone from the coronavirus cannot be done without linking it to the political struggle to get rid of the government and to work to change the country,

The Amazon’s Neocolonial Problem

Daniel Hunt Brazil Wire
The Amazon fires led to a wave of indignation around the world. This should be channeled into supporting the inhabitants of the Amazon rainforest and progressive Brazilians in their struggle to extinguish the political cause of this catastrophe.

Global Left Midweek - December 19, 2018

Budapest Fills the Streets, Disability Rights in NZ, Belgian Workers Party, Uruguay's Ex-President Reflects, NGOs and Women's Rights in Africa, Québec Solidaire On the Move

Burkina Faso: Liberation not looting

Firoze Manj Red Pepper
The mass movement that forced the resignation of Burkina Faso's government last October has been neither diverted nor defeated as shown by recent protests that led to the resignation of the current government. They are inspired by the desire for development of the country’s productive forces, which implies liberation, emancipation, hope and human progress, given voice by Thomas Sankara before his assassination in October 1987.
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