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Nurses Say: Patients’ Rights Have No Borders

Bonnie Castillo Red Pepper
As a US-friendly no-deal Brexit inches closer, Bonnie Castillo of National Nurses United explains why US nurses have joined the fight against NHS privatisation.

Puerto Rico: Cruelest Storm; Trump Political Disaster; AFL-CIO Labor Solidarity

Puerto Rico has been hit by a triple disaster - Hurricane Maria; outrageous debt owed to vulture hedge funds; racist, colonial indifference by the Trump Administration. Puerto Ricans - on the island, and in the U.S. have called for the lifting of the Jones Act, as it applies to Puerto Rico; canceling the debt; and abolishing PROMESA. Yesterday a solidarity flight of medical and emergency organized by AFL-CIO unions brought needed supplies and aid workers to the island.


This Is What Progressives—Especially Labor—Can Learn From Bernie Sanders’ Campaign

David Moberg Working In These Times
If unions find better strategic partners outside the labor movement on a particular issue, they should proceed on the basis of their analysis of what is needed, not hold back and wait for labor unity. Too often a particular union’s political stance may reflect a private employer’s growth plans, not the general good for working people.

U.S. Unions Still Divided on Keystone XL Pipeline

Compiled by Trade Unions for Energy Democracy (TUED) Trade Unions for Energy Democracy
* The Pipeline and U.S. Unions* * LIUNA On Keystone XL Pipeline Final Environmental Analysis* * Nurses Warn of Escalating Effects of Climate Change on Public Health*

Let's Talk About Health Care and I Don't Mean the ACA

Deborah Burger Huffington Post
When it comes to health care, it's easy to get into a debate for or against Obamacare. But we nurses see the world through a different lens: our patients. Good health care is a fundamental resource that keeps America's big engine running. Taxes should help pay for our healthcare. It works for seniors, it works for Congress members, and it will work for all of us.
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