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Movements Mobilize To Interrupt a Coup

Marcy Rein Organizing Upgrade
Three things are key: engaging as many people as possible in demonstrations and non-cooperation; asserting that we are the true defenders of democracy; and committing to strategic nonviolence.

Guns Under the Bed: Jody Forrester Shares Her Story

Max Elbaum Portside
book cover showing 1960s demonstration I believe that my experience, especially as a female, is both timely and relevant as an account of the struggles against the ruling class. I still believe that imperialism and capitalism are the scourges of democracy.

Tidbits - July 6, 2017 - Reader Comments: Trump Lies; Voting Rights Danger; July 4th; Georgia Special Election; Healthcare; Socialism's Future; Wonder Woman; Massachusetts Attack on BDS; Free Non Violent Resistance Trainings; and more....

Reader Comments: Trump Lies; Voting Rights in Danger; July 4th; Georgia Special Election - Theft?; Healthcare Fightback; Readers comment on Socialism's Future; Wonder Woman; Massachusetts Legislative Attack on BDS; Free Non Violent Resistance Trainings; and more....

New Film "Love and Solidarity", Non-violence for Systemic Change

Will Jones and Mike Honey Portside
Love and Solidarity, a new film directed by Mike Honey and co-produced with film maker Errol Webber. Non-violence is NOT passive, but is militant and effective theory and practice. Portside Moderator Will Jones interviews Honey about the film and highly respected, long time RELIGIOUS LEADER, organizer, and educator James Lawson.

Nonviolence and Social Movements: The Teachings of Rev. James M. Lawson Jr.

Stefanie Ritoper UCLA Labor Center
Kent Wong, director of the UCLA Labor Center, recently edited a new book with the Rev. James Lawson Jr., a renowned civil rights activist who worked closely with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and helped launch key campaigns for social justice. For generations, he has taught the principles of nonviolence to civil rights leaders, committed activists, community organizers and, in recent years, UCLA students as a guest lecturer.

Ken Saro-Wiwa and the Power of Resistance

Ken Henshaw Red Pepper
Twenty years after the execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa and 8 of his comrades, their work continues to inspire ethnic nationalities across the world, showing that it is possible to stand up against a multinational oil company. In all our struggles the message was simple: take on the devil without losing your moral belief in the tools of nonviolence. Ken Saro-Wiwa’s life is a lasting testament to the power of nonviolence, the power of resistance, the power of people.
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