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Force Protection Alpha in Effect

Brian Terrell Voices for Creative Nonviolence
Drone warfare is based on the lie that war can be made more exact, limited and humane through technology.

Did Nonviolence Fail in Egypt?

Mark Engler and Paul Engler Waging Nonviolence
As a whole, the people of Egypt opted for unarmed mass demonstrations over joining a guerrilla struggle because they believed strategic nonviolence was the more practical and effective means of ousting the heavily militarized Mubarak regime. The past six months, which have hardly served to weaken the army’s hand, suggest that the tactical judgment of nonviolent revolutionaries carried considerable wisdom.

Tidbits - January 23, 2014

Reader Comments - ACTION NEEDED - Stop Iraq Executions; Voting Rights Act; Martin Luther King and Nonviolence; Our Postal Commons; De Blasio's Election; Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA; Tuition-Free Public College Education; New Orleans Teachers and Katrina; Announcements: Muste Institute 40th Anniversary concert; South Africa Today - Online Meeting; Book Talk-Red Apple: Communism and McCarthyism in Cold War New York; Vandenberg's Role in US Global Domination
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