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Ryan's Rush to Strip Health Care

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at the House Republicans' rush to strip health insurance from millions of Americans, without knowing what's in it.

Latest GOP Health Plan Is Comical, But Deadly

Eugene Robinson Washington Post
A draft framework being circulated this week would pretend to keep the parts of Obamacare that people like, but allow states to take these benefits away.

Americans Must Liberate Themselves From the Oppression of Health Coverage, Say Republicans

Paul Waldman American Prospect
Is Paul Ryan's desire to snatch coverage from millions so he can give an enormous tax break to wealthy people utterly monstrous? Absolutely. But if nothing else, Ryan isn't trying to convince us he believes something he doesn't. Strip away the complex politics involved and it becomes evident that Republican proposals are based upon the belief that, as Ayn Rand preached, the government has no obligation to help anyone.

Beyond Cynicism Why the GOP Made Peace with Trump

William E. Scheuerman Boston Review
For followers of Hayek eager to smash the “para-government,” Trump must look like a godsend. How might conservatives do so? By advancing drastic institutional changes even Hayek conceded could seem undemocratic, such as making voting a once-in-a-lifetime act, for example, and lengthening legislative terms to fifteen years. Resting on popular support, the welfare state’s curtailment required attacking democracy.

Retirement Pay Scandal, Trump Vow to Kill Medicare

Lawrence S. Wittner; Tierney Sneed LA Progressive
100 corporate CEOs possess company retirement funds totaling $4.7 billion - an amount equivalent to the entire retirement savings of 41 percent of U.S. families. Things were not always like this. From 1946 to 1980, a combination of union action and government policy led to the expansion of pension benefits for American workers. Now, Donald Trump's pick to direct the Office of Management and Budget says: We have to end Medicare as we know it.

Paul Ryan, If Republicans Lose the Senate, Bernie Sanders Wins

John Nichols The Nation
 “If we keep control of the Senate in the Republican hands…a nice guy named Mike Enzi from Wyoming is the Senate budget chair and he helps us get these budgets to the president’s desk, gets these tax bills through,” he said.  On the other hand, Ryan warned, “If we lose the Senate, do you know who becomes chair of the Senate Budget Committee? A guy named Bernie Sanders. You ever heard of him?”

The Great Of The Union

President Obama’s final State Of The Union speech was long on inspirational messages and short on reasons for Paul Ryan to applaud.

The Paradox of Paul Ryan: Why the Tea Party’s Right to be Wary

Bill Moyers, Michael Winship Common Dreams
There’s a paradox to all this. Despite his ideological kinship with the anti-government crowd, Paul Ryan is the embodiment of the troika of money, power, and politics that corrupts and controls the capital, the very thing the tea partiers detest.
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