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Cornel West: The Primaries Call

Tom Gallagher Stansbury Forum
Hopefully, West’s supporters will prevail upon him to undertake his fight in the most effective arena that currently exists, where the greatest light-to-heat potential lies – the primaries.

Reflections on the Sanders Campaign so Far

Sam Lewis Organizing Upgrade
Socialism is no longer marginal due to Bernie's campaigns. But his support has been insufficient to win. Key now will be to back the eventual Democratic nominee but still oppose neo-liberalism in its Republican and Democratic guise.

The Center Cannot Hold

Elizabeth Bruenig New York Times
Bernie Sanders’s strong showing in Iowa is a turning point in the battle between the party’s establishment and left wing.


Vote First or Die

Shehryar Fazli Los Angeles Review of Books
The first-in-the-nation primary, in New Hampshire, looks to many like a quaint relic from a far different USA and a far different time. This book offers a tour of that primary's history and looks at why it endures.

The Charter School Primary

Rachel M. Cohen The American Prospect
Democrats running for president are distancing themselves from a charter school movement that once held powerful sway in the party.


Bernie Sanders' Momentum Stalls In An Unlikely Place: Union Halls

Evan Halper Los Angeles Times
Despite Sanders’ deep support for labor, the national nurses’ organization that Almada sought to join is the only major union to endorse Sanders in the race for the Democratic nomination for president. It is dwarfed by much larger labor groups that are lining up with his arguably less committed, less reliable rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton.
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