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Reimagining Prison

Ruth Delaney, Ram Subramanian, Alison Shames, Nicholas Turner Vera
With a few limited exceptions, correctional practice today remains underpinned by retribution, deterrence, and incapacitation. These realities beg the question: isn’t there another way? We have failed to ask this question with sufficient seriousness


A Hope Manifesto for Times of Resistance

Keli Goff Los Angeles Review of Books
Mandela was not just "a brilliant political tactician and legal mind, but also an exquisite writer," says reviewer Goff. These letters give us a man of high ideals whose "fight for survival" in prison adds Goff, "would have broken many of us."

Frail, Old and Dying, but Their Only Way Out of Prison Is a Coffin

Christie Thompson New York Times
Congress created compassionate release as a way to free certain inmates, such as the terminally ill, when it becomes “inequitable” to keep them in prison any longer. Despite urging from lawmakers of both parties, officials deny or delay the vast majority of requests.
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