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Radicals Go Caroling: The Untold Story of Progressive Choirs

Annie Levin Yes! Magazine
The power of song to literally transform the brain and move people to action has given it a place of privilege in mass political actions. Almost every revolutionary movement in modern history has had an accompanying singing culture.


Dorothy Day’s Radical Faith

Casey Cep The New Yorker
A new book charts the life and legacy of the writer and activist, cofounder of the radical Catholic Worker movement that aimed to aid the poor and whom some hope will be made a saint.

Theses on the Path to Socialism

Julio Huato Medium
As a rule, when the people are disposed to struggle, the task of socialists is to help them prepare and organize their political campaigns most carefully. (This was motivated by a discussion regarding Karl Kautsky’s political legacy.)

The Long Arc of Protest

David Karpf The American Prospect
Successful social movements rarely travel along a linear route toward victory, or a fast one. Even with new digital media, organizing for change requires all the old virtues.

Tidbits - January 12, 2017 - Reader Comments: Protests Should Also be Used for Organizing;Trump Nominees; Leonard Peltier; Hidden Figures; Black Women and Civil Rights; Resources; Announcements; and more...

Reader Comments: Protests Should Also be Used for Organizing; Another Extreme Trump Nominee to Run National Intelligence; Top Prosecutor in Leonard Peltier Case Urges Clemency; Hidden Figures; Black Women and Civil Rights; It's Time to #TeachResistance: A Toolkit for Educators; Announcements and more....

Movie: We Are Many

On February 15, 2003, over 15 million people marched in 800 cities on every continent to voice their opposition to the proposed war in Iraq. This film documents how, this unprecedented global march was organised, against all odds, by a patchwork of peace campaigners. In theaters now.
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