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Chicago’s Election Will Shape the Future of Public Safety in America

Eric Reinhart The TRiiBE
Johnson, a progressive, has been calling for change by implementing a public health approach to safety. Vallas, who has often identified himself as a Republican and represents the most conservative edge of the Democratic Party, has—in contrast to Johnson—been calling for the expansion of existing police-centric safety paradigms.

We Urgently Need a Transformative Approach to Public Safety

Dr. Melina Abdullah Medium
Black Lives Matter demands we upend it and dare to imagine and build new systems that invest deeply in resources: like youth programs, good jobs, mental healthcare, housing…resources that actually make our communities safe.

Urban Planning in the Era of New Jim Crow

Ryan Lugalia-Hollon Next City
As a discipline, urban planning is dedicated to understanding and addressing the complex problems of the city. Yet public safety is rarely taken up as a sphere of concern. Rather than rationalizing people’s failed life outcomes in a way that blames individuals for poor life choices, urban planners must help hold society accountable for past failures to construct real opportunity structures.

Crime Falls Along With Imprisonment

Pew Charitable Trusts
The latest findings from the FBI provide further evidence that states can reduce incarceration rates without compromising public safety.
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