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How Congressional Maps Could Change in 2030

Michael Li, Gina Feliz Brennan Center for Justice
Newly released data from the Census Bureau points at big shifts in state representation in the House after the 2030 census.

The Next Big Voting-Rights Fight

Emily Bazelon and Jim Rutenberg New York Times
If you’re no longer drawing lines on population but you’re selectively using criteria like age, that hits [the Hispanic] community very hard. Put aside the whole citizenship issue. The largest group of people who would be subtracted from the apportionment base would be children, and because [Hispanics] have disproportionately so many more children than the Anglo population has, that starts shifting seats all by itself, before you start to even consider citizenship.

An Insidious Way to Underrepresent Minorities

Gary D. Bass & Adrien Schless-Meier The American Prospect
Cuts in U.S. Census funding threaten to produce an undercount of minorities and the poor and to reduce their share of federal aid.
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