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How Hurricane Harvey Is Affecting Houston’s Restaurant Employees

Amy McCarthy Eater
Hospitality union UNITE HERE represents more than 3,000 restaurant and hotel employees in the greater Houston area, and around 250 of its members have experienced “catastrophic losses,” according to Texas organizing director Danna Schneider. UNITE HERE arrived soon after Harvey made landfall, and the organization has since been delivering groceries and checking up on its members.

Dine-Out Economy Rests on the Backs of Women

Saru Jayaraman The Gender Policy Report - University of Minnesota
The restaurant industry includes 7 of the 10 lowest paying jobs in the country. Half of the women in the minimum wage workforce are tipped workers. Segregation of women, particularly women of color, in these jobs is a major contributor to the gender pay gap.


Chefs Struggle Over Whether to Serve Up Politics

Kim Severson The New York Times
As immigration dominates restaurant discussions, many chefs who have never considered mixing politics with business are wondering if now is the time to start. The sanctuary restaurant movement involves taking a pledge to prohibit harassment based on factors like religion, sexual orientation or immigration status.

Why I’m Ready to Get Arrested With Restaurant Workers

John Cavanagh
From April 11 to 18, I’ll be joining thousands of people from all walks of life – from workers to environmentalists to the just plain angry – who will descend on Capitol Hill in waves to risk arrest and offer a primal scream for democracy.
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