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Seven Steps Before the Midterms

Poor People's Campaign
This Declaration to Reconstruct American Democracy was adopted at a Mass Poor Peoples and Low-Wage Workers’ Assembly and Moral March on Washington and to the Polls as a warning and a call to action.


Joining the June 18 March on Washington Is a Moral Imperative

George Gresham Amsterdam News
The June 18 march will “be a generationally transformative declaration of the power of poor and low-wealth people and our moral allies to say that this system is killing all of us and we can’t…we won’t…WE REFUSE TO BE SILENT ANYMORE.”

Modern-Day Moses: Rev. William Barber II

Charles M. Blow New York Times
His sense of purpose and vision for his life is unobscured and unencumbered. This is a man on a mission, the grandest and most noble of missions: to save a country and his countrymen from themselves, to insist that morality ought to dictate policy.
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