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Friday Nite Videos | July 1, 2022

AOC: Members Who Sought Pardons Should Be Expelled. SCOTUS Restricts the EPA, R. Kelly and Ghislaine Maxwell Get Prison Sentences. Dark Winds | TV Trailer. How Democrats Can Run And Win In Rural Areas. Salt of the Earth | Movie.

How Democrats Can Run and Win in Rural Areas

Progressive Chloe Maxmin unseated a top Republican in a rural district, then passed one of the first state Green New Deal bills. Here’s what Democrats can learn from her success.

Not in Our Town: Ephrata, PA Says No to Extremists

Suzy Wurtz Organizing Upgrade
The struggle to protect children from covid by obeying mask mandates comes to a small town in Pennsylvania. How to build a coalition broad enough to beat back right-wing extremists.

Stacey Abrams Aims to Vaccinate Rural Georgia

Greg Kaufmann Facing South
"We have canvassers and organizers who are ready to go. We saw a huge difference when we engaged and organized communities in terms of the [election] turnout in Southwest Georgia. The same can be done with accessing the vaccine."


Organizing Rural Manufacturing Workers Matters

Cindy Estrada and Chris Schwartz The Forge
The diversity of manufacturing workers, even in rural communities, makes an organizing committee meeting a rare and important place: a space where people can sit down face-to-face and confront their differences.

Rural Organizing Pays Off

Jordan Green In These Times
"Organizing in rural spaces with progressive, multiracial solidarity messaging is the future. Either we get there first or white supremacists get there first.”
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