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Scientists Against Science Denialism and Pseudoscience

Orac Respectful Insolence
It’s not enough to know the science (or history). You have to know the pseudoscience (or pseudohistory) inside and out. You have to know how science has been twisted, the studies that pseudoscientists will reference, and how they will misrepresent them. It takes a special skill set to combat pseudoscience and science denialism, and few academics have it.

Method and Madness in Science and Art

Johanna Kieniewicz Public Library of Science
What are the implications for art and science collaborations? Despite popular perception, there are many similarities in the ways that artists and scientists approach their work. Ultimately, the methods and the products may be different, but if there is a mutual interest in, and respect for, the ‘other’ side’s practices, then these sorts of collaborations are likely to succeed. Through this kind of exchange, artists and scientists can learn from one another.

Scientists Detail Severe Future Impacts of Climate Change

By Tiffany Stecker and ClimateWire Scientific American
At a U.S. Senate hearing, scientists warned that New Orleans, Florida and other places will be radically transformed if global warming is allowed to continue unabated.
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