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Dying to Serve? A Restaurant Worker’s Plea for Organizing

Samantha Ferraro, postscript by Stephanie Luce Organizing Upgrade
The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) has a national Restaurant Organizing Project that has helped support unemployed restaurant workers throughout the pandemic. The aim is to organize workers in the industry to reshape it in the long run.


Starbucks Workers Are Organizing — and Management Is Worried

Faith Bennett Jacobin
Starbucks portrays itself as a “community of partners,” not an average workplace. But now that workers are organizing a union drive in Buffalo, that warm and fuzzy rhetoric has vanished, replaced by coercion and union-busting.

Older Workers Can’t Work From Home and Are At a Higher Risk For COVID-19

Elise Gould Economic Policy Institute
Nearly three-fourths of workers age 65 and older—over 5 million older workers—are unable to telecommute. That means that these workers, who are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19, could be putting themselves at risk to earn a paycheck.

Fear at Work

Kurt Stand The Stansbury Forum
'A growing concern about the disease, slight at first, then becoming deeper and more profound.'
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