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Which Way for South Africa’s Communists?

Conrad Landin interviews Mzwandile Thakhudi Morning Star
Young Communist leader Thakhudi cites the history of the Alliance to explain the SACP’s position today. “Comrade president Oliver Tambo said our alliance is not a paper alliance, it is born out of struggle, and out of sacrifice."

Mandela’s Black Marxism

An interview with Paul S. Landau by Chris Webb Africa is a Country
Nelson Mandela is deified everywhere. But typically missing is an account of his early years, when he insisted that Marxism be responsive to South African conditions.

As Inequality Grows, So Too Does South Africa’s Communist Party

Robert Griffiths Morning Star
The SACP calls for working-class unity and “patriotic and left popular fronts” to challenge big business oligarchs, reverse their influence in the state apparatus and put South Africa on the road to economic, social and green transformations.
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