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Dodger Stadium Concession Workers Threaten an All-Star Strike

Peter Dreier and Kelly Candaele Capital & Main
When it comes to wages, baseball’s billionaires give stadium workers peanuts. Yet since 2011, the teams’ average value has tripled — from $523 million ($680 million in today’s dollars) to $2.1 billion.

Baseball, Barbecue and Losing Freedom This Fourth of July

Howard Bryant ESPN
Grilling, baseball and fireworks, first replaced by symbols -- and now by a country tearing itself apart. July 4, 2022, falls in the midst of devastation. It is Independence Day in America with independence under current and relentless assault.

Friday Nite Videos | May 13, 2022

George Carlin on Abortion and 'The Sanctity of Life.' Hakeem Jeffries Dismantles Clarence Thomas. Waterman | Documentary w/ Jason Mamoa. A Picture of the Milky Way's Supermassive Black Hole. Abortion Ruling | John Oliver.

Waterman | Documentary w/ Jason Mamoa


This documentary about five-time Olympic medalist and native Hawaiian Duke Paoa Kahanamoku explores his journey and legacy as a legendary swimmer, trailblazer, and father of modern-day surfing.

When Baseball Players Formed Their Own League

Robert B. Ross, Michael Arria Jacobin
Major League Baseball is mired in a lockout, as team owners refuse to budge just weeks before Opening Day. It’s a perfect time to look back at when the players revolted against the owners and started their own league: the 1890 Players’ League.

We Are Long Overdue for a Paul Robeson Revival

Peter Dreier Los Angeles Review of Books
In the 1970s, Robeson’s admirers — boosted by the upsurge of black studies and black cultural projects, the waning of the Cold War — began to rehabilitate his reputation with various tributes, documentary films, books, concerts, exhibits, and a play

Brian Flores Sues the NFL. What Took So Long?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Substack
Brian Flores is suing the National Football League and the only question I have is “What took so long?” I’m not referring specifically to Flores’ lawsuit, but to making public the racism inherent in the NFL like a vestigial limb.

“Requiem for the Warriors”

Ernest DiStefano Stansbury Forum
Muhammad Ali said that “wars of nations are fought to change maps, but wars of poverty are fought to map change.” I dedicate this essay to him and thank him for inspiring me to map the change he spoke of years ago.
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