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Syriza’s New Leader. Game Over for the Left?

Dimitra Kyrillou The Left Berlin
Syriza was already in the trajectory of transforming into a “modern” European social democratic party that has disengaged from a commitment to organised members, grassroots organisations and bodies elected by and accountable to the rank and file.

Global Left Midweek - February 27, 2019

Uruguayan Unions Against Venezuela Invasion, Russian Left, Indigenous in French Guiana, Tribute to a Comrade, Kurds in Turkey, Greece Today, More on Haiti, Farmers Face Down India's Rulers

Global Left Midweek - January 23, 2019

Greece's SYRIZA Takes On Rightists, Palestine Left Regroups, India Reds' Electoral Blues, Crackdown in Zimbabwe, Podemos Splitting, Japan's Feminist Unions, Land Defenders in Canada

Global Left Midweek - August 22, 2018

Israel Protest, Call for New Anti-Fascist Campaign in UK, Samir Amin Remembered, Indian Student Leader Shot, Abortion Rights in Argentina, SYRIZA MP Reports
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