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As Strike Goes on, Impact on Stop & Shop is Increasing

Katie Johnston Boston Globe
Inside stores, shortages are evident. Meat and produce are rapidly disappearing from shelves, and aren’t being replaced because truck drivers in the Teamsters union are refusing to cross the picket line.

Golden State Green Rush: A Trimmigrant’s Tale

Donnell Alexander Capital & Main
person's hands showing marijuana choices Trimmers make from $100 to $300 for a day that can run 15 hours. Bad gigs are the grows where weapons are numerous and the bosses. What’s to become of trimmers, the untold thousands of minimally skilled laborers who haunt the new cannabis horizon, is one of this industry’s most compelling issues.


UFCW Endorses Hillary Clinton For President

UFCW Press Release United Food and Commercial Workers
The United Farm and Commercial Workers endorse Hillary Clinton for President. They are the largest private sector union in the United States. The union has 1.3 million workers whose membership is primarily women and minorities.
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