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First They Came for Harvard

Rick Perlstein The American Prospect
The right’s long and all-too-unanswered war on liberal institutions claims a big one.

The “Private and Confidential” Conservative Group Teneo

Andy Kroll and Andrea Bernstein, ProPublica, and Nick Surgey ProPublica
Leonard Leo, a key architect of the Supreme Court’s conservative supermajority, is now the chairman of Teneo Network, a group that aims to influence all aspects of American politics and culture.

October 28, 2022: Pelosi Attack, Musk Twitter Purchase

Heather Cox Richardson Letters From an American
The attack on Mr. Pelosi comes after right-wing figures have frequently advocated violence against the House speaker. In the first 12 hours after Musk acquired Twitter, the use of the n-word increased nearly 500%. Both are attacks on US democracy.

Climate Change and False gods: Moloch and the Bible-Punchers in the US

Meredith Tax openDemocracy
The UN's IPCC report on climate change calls for immediate action to deal with a crisis which supersedes and includes all other questions. Meredith Tax says that international pressure on the US government to deal with the crisis is essential, for soon it will be too late.
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