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Victor Jara's Last Song

Translated by Joan Jara. Read by Adrian Mitchell. From the album Manifiesto [Canciones Póstumas]

The Spirit of Socialism in Chile Lives On; Poem - On Pinochet's Capture

Harry Targ; poem by Mitchel Cohen Diary of a Heartland Radical
The Chilean Song Movement had become so identified with Popular Unity, it had been such a strong factor, emotional, cohesive, inspiring, that the military authorities found it necessary to declare `subversive' even the indigenous instruments, whose beautiful sound had become so full of meaning and inspiration. Together with prohibiting even the mention of Victor's name, they banned all his music and the music of all the artists of the New Chilean Song Movement.

Why the Music of Protest Is Still Worth Defending - Dar Williams interview; new movie about Victor Jara; songs are illegal in Wisconsin

Madeline Ostrander, John Summa
We can't change the world if we can't even sing together - Dar Williams on what happens if political music dies. "When people come together and sing, mountains can be moved." New film about Victor Jara, Chilean troubadour, murdered by the junta 40 years ago - brings Victor's story up to date. "If you are watching people singing in Wisconsin, you could be subject to arrest." (video)
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