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Woody Guthrie's Assault on 'Old Man Trump'

Will Kaufman The Conversation
In a newly discovered song, Woody Guthrie sings about his abusive and racist landlord, 'Mister Trump made a tramp out of me.' The Trump he's talking about is Donald's father.

Friday Nite Videos -- Fourth of July, 2015

Which America should we recall on the Fourth of July? The "all men are created equal" of the Declaration of Independence or the gross inequalities by race, class and gender, the crying disparities of wealth, voice and security in real life? Both. Because the lofty declaration is more than a platitude and a snare; it has also always been a goal and a call to strive "to finish the work we are in." Lefty alternatives for the Fourth: songs, thoughts, a little inspiration.

This Land Is Your Land

Woody Guthrie's unabashedly patriotic, slyly subversive, defiantly democratic, adopted-from-below unofficial national anthem. (With scenes from US national parks, and lyrics.)

Friday Nite Videos -- December 5, 2014

Chokehold Death Protests. Economic Agenda for America. Springsteen: My Oklahoma Home. She's Beautiful When She's Angry. The Feather and the Cannonball.

Springsteen: My Oklahoma Home

Bruce Springsteen, live in Dublin, sings Woody Guthrie's classic song of humor for surviving Dust Bowl and Depression."All except my mortgage blowed away." 

Tidbits - July 24, 2014

Reader Comments - Woody Guthrie; On the Waterfront; McCarthyism; Screenwriters and the Blacklist; Third Party politics; Israel, Palestine, Gaza, Israeli peace movement and War Crimes; Zionism and the Jewish community; Saudi Arabia's role; Prisoners, Parole (or lack) and Obama; Teachers; Food; Thank you, Anonymous and contributions to Portside; Screenwriters and the Blacklist: Before, During, and After - New York - August 22-September 2
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