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"Where the Papers At?"

Cablevision workers from Brooklyn, invited by the National Action Network to perform at the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, took the stage with their latest rap, "Dear Mr. Dolan: Where The Papers At?" It's a call for fairness from the company that has refused to bargain a fair contract for the 280 workers.

The "Tech 22" – Minee Smalls, Jaywalk, Chilo and DMAC – perform in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Read more at:,

Brooklyn workers have been negotiating with Cablevision now for over 18 months. They have endured illegal terminations, threats, illegal surveillance, bad faith bargaining, and lower wages than all the other technicians at Cablevision. Despite all the harassment, the workers refuse to give up on the vision of a fair contract.

Tell Cablevision CEO James Dolan: It's time to sign a contract that pays Cablevision techs in Brooklyn fairly.

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