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Friday Nite Videos -- May 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Email Emergency. Donald Trump Can NEVER Be President. Meet My Child: Parents of Transgender Kids Speak Out. Senator Bernie Sanders on Debating Trump. Weiner | Documentary Film.

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Hillary Clinton's Email Emergency
A State Department report puts Hillary Clinton's questionable email practices back in the national spotlight, and campaign aide Carlos Jordanson plays damage control.

Donald Trump Can NEVER Be President
Sen Elizabeth Warren unleashes on Donald Trump rooting for the 2008 housing market crash, his plans to dismantle Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform, and his decision not to release his taxes.

Meet My Child: Parents of Transgender Kids Speak Out - 
Moms are calling on all who use the transgender community for dishonest and divisive politics: Meet my child.

Senator Bernie Sanders on Debating Trump
Senator Sanders talks about the possibility of debating Donald Trump and competing against Secretary Hillary Clinton in California.

Weiner | Documentary Film
A painfully revealing narrative of the failed political comeback attempt of narcissist politician Anthony Weiner (aka "Carlos Danger"). In theaters and VOD.