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Friday Nite Videos -- July 29, 2016

Fear and Acceptance at the Democratic Convention. Most Lives Matter. Al Franken Get Donald Trump, to a T. Wasserman-Schultz Still Faces Primary Challenge. The Protein Folding Revolution.

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Fear and Acceptance at the Democratic Convention
Hillary Clinton accepts the Democratic nomination for president; Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg take turns laying into Donald Trump.

Most Lives Matter
The American way of life is under siege by a group of activists who want nothing less than to not be shot.

Al Franken Gets Donald Trump, to a T
Al Franken, US senator and world reknowned expert on right-wing megalomaniacs, explains Donald Trump.

The Protein Folding Revolution
Big leaps in our understanding of protein folding can open doors to new protein-based medicines and materials--designed from the ground up.