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Dispatches From the Culture Wars

It gets worse; Southern Baptists reach their limit; 1984 in 2018; The evil that Wolfe did; Holiday in Trumpland

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, David Horsey

Get Ready for a Brutal Election About Trump’s Racism and Authoritarianism

By Greg Sargent
June 6, 2018
The Washington Post

The GOP is betting that racial and cultural provocations will boost turnout just enough among aging, blue collar and rural white voters unhappy with the evolution of the country to enable them to prevail.

Southern Baptists Call Off the Culture War

By Jonathan Merritt
June 16, 2018
The Atlantic

America’s largest Protestant group moves to cut ties with the Republican Party and re-engage with mainstream culture.

In Name of Free Speech, States Crack Down on Campus Protests

By Jeremy W. Peters
June 12, 2018
New York Times

A growing and well-organized campaign has put academia squarely in the cross hairs of the American right.

Second and Third Thoughts on Tom Wolfe

By Jamie Bernstein
June 1, 2018
The Nation

Wolfe helped set blacks against Jews, thereby disempowering both groups.

The Story Behind the Strange Trump Mural Inside a Children’s Immigration Detention Center

By Jason Linkins
June 14, 2018

This one piece of art almost perfectly sums up America today.