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Global Left Midweek - December 11, 2019

COP25 / UK Election / Palestine / France / Uruguay / Iraq / Colombia / India

A demonstration in Paris on Tuesday, the sixth day of massive strike action over the government's proposed pension reforms,Photo: AFP via Getty
  1. Confronting COP25
  2. Down to the Wire for Corbyn and Labour
  3. Israelis Join Palestinian Solidarity Meeting in Ramallah
  4. France: National Strike, and United Left in Marseille
  5. Uruguay: Election Report and Background
  6. Iraq: Trajectory of Protests
  7. Colombia’s Front of Resistance 
  8. India: Mass Rejection of Modi's Religious Tyranny

Confronting COP25

Lisa Vives / IDN-InDepthNews (Berlin)

An estimated 500,000 people took part in a climate justice protest in Madrid on December 6.

Momentum's Plan: Down to the Wire for Corbyn and Labour

Darren Loucaides / Open Democracy (London)

Most think that the best Labour can hope for is to deny Boris Johnson a majority government. But Momentum isn’t most.

Israelis Join Palestinian Solidarity Meeting in Ramallah

Adam Rasgon / Times of Israel (Jerusalem)

A number of the Palestinian officials told their Israeli guests that they appreciated their participation in the event, with Fatah Central Committee secretary-general Jibril Rajoub stating that it indicated that there was an Israeli partner for peace.

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Worst Strikes in Decades  Anthony Cuthbertson / The Independent (London)

United Left Ticket in Marseille  Cole Stanger / Jacobin (New York)  


Election Report  Laurence Blair / World Politics Review (New York)

Political Backgrounder  Daniel Chavez / Transnational Institute (Amsterdam)

Iraq: Trajectory of Protests

Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)

The resignation of prime minister Adel Abdul Mahdi after two months of popular protests in Iraq has provided an opportunity to overthrow the political system created under US occupation. However, significant roadblocks remain.

Colombia’s Front of Resistance

Adriaan Alsema / Colombia Reports (Medellin)

Colombia’s government is on the edge of its seat as labor unions are on strike and a multitude of social organizations have announced massive anti-government protests.

India: Mass Rejection of Modi's Religious Tyranny

Ananya Singh / The Citizen (New Delhi)

People poured into the streets, not only in the northeastern states where bandhs or general strikes were called, but also in New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Bengaluru. The call nationwide was to withdraw the bill and scrap the proposed National Register of Citizens.