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Global Left Midweek - September 30, 2020

Repression, resistance and political organizing in five continents, and two inspiring leaders remembered

Sarah Hegazy's life and death opened a new era in the Middle East ,credit: Twitter
  1. Latin America: The Courts vs Left Parties
  2. Luciana Castellina Remembers Rossana Rossanda
  3. National Strike in Colombia Against Repression
  4. Reports From India
  5. New Left Party in Serbia
  6. Nigerians Reject Collapse of Strike Threat
  7. Sexual Freedom in the Mideast
  8. Toronto Civilians Defy Eviction By Cops
  9. Activism in Belarus
  10. South Africa/Zimbabwe Labor Solidarity

Latin America: The Courts vs Left Parties

Facundo Escobar / United World (Burlington MA)

Evo Morales and Rafael Correa are now political asylees. If either dares to return to their respective countries, will undoubtedly face an arrest warrant. How is it possible that two of the most prominent leaders in Latin America are being persecuted in such a manner? 

Luciana Castellina Remembers Rossana Rossanda

il manifesto global (Rome)

Rossana, who was a messenger for the Partisans with the code name Miranda, always continued to be a fighter. Without her contribution as an intellectual and militant communist, we would have never become what il manifesto has been.

National Strike in Colombia Against Repression

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Tanya Wadhwa / Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)

Several massive demonstrations were carried out in different cities in rejection of police brutality, economic crisis facing the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic and ceaseless assassination of social leaders.

Reports From India

Farmers Fight  NewsClick (New Delhi)

Free Umar Khalid  The Wire (New Delhi)

New Left Party in Serbia

Marko Kostanić and Ivan Velisavljević / Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Berlin)

The Social Democratic Union’s 12th congress in Belgrade marked its transformation into a new left-wing party—the Party of the Radical Left (PRL).

Nigerians Reject Collapse of Strike Threat

Victor Young, Demola Akinyemi, Perez Brisibe and Boluwaji Obahopo / Vanguard (Lagos)

Anger and disappointment by workers and the public trailed Organised Labour’s suspension of the proposed general strike and mass protest against the recent hike in the pump price of petrol and electricity tariff by the Federal Government.

Sarah Hegazy's Inspiration: Sexual Freedom in the Mideast

Zeina Zaatari / MERIP (Tacoma WA)

Responses to the tragic death of the Egyptian leftist and queer activist reflect a significant transformation in the desire of individuals in the Middle East to claim queer identities.

Toronto Civilians Defy Eviction By Cops

Mira Miller / blogTO (Toronto)

Tenant advocates and neighbours of the resident facing eviction showed up in preparation for police and sheriff presence. Despite the number of police on the scene, advocates formed a human blockade to prevent them from being able to enforce the eviction.

Activism in Belarus

Daniel Schukovits interviews Pavel Katarzheuski / transform! Europe (Vienna)

Police violence sparked a wave of protests in factories, and a spontaneous “women in white” movement began, where women lined the roads in a “chain of solidarity”. 

South Africa/Zimbabwe Labor Solidarity

Peoples Dispatch

“We need you guys – we need South Africans and every right-thinking African to stand in solidarity, not with the government of Zimbabwe, but with the people of Zimbabwe that have become victims.”