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Global Left Midweek - World Teachers’ Day

Teachers in the vanguard worldwide * Where is the Chinese economy going? * Jayati Ghosh on post-pandemic New Deals * News and analysis from four continents

Credit,Global Teachers Institute
  1. A Rainbow New Deal
  2. Teachers of the World Ignite!
  3. Taking Stock of Political Projects
  4. China’s Political Economy 
  5. Bulgaria: Background on the Uprising
  6. Egypt: Breaking the Wall of Fear
  7. South African Unions on Strike Alert
  8. Azerbaijani Leftist Youth Call for Peace
  9. India: Farmers Fight Follow-up

A Rainbow New Deal

Jayati Ghosh / Project Syndicate (Prague)

To get ahead of both current and looming crises, the world must commit to a recovery agenda that is not only green, but also blue, purple, and red.

Teachers of the World Ignite!

Taking the Lead Worldwide  Miriam Berger / Sydney Morning Herald

Malawi  Madalitso Kateta / Equal Times (Brussels)

Italy  Roberto Ciccarelli / il manifesto global (Rome)

Zimbabwe  Nyasha Chingono / The Guardian (London)

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Nepal  / Education International

Taking Stock of Political Projects   

Germany: DIE LINKE  Alban Werner / Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Brussels)

Japanese Communist Party  Shii Kazuo / JCP (Tokyo)

Venezuela: Friends and Enemies  Isaias Rodriguez / Venezuelanalysis (Caracas)

China’s Political Economy

China 2020  John Bellamy Foster / Monthly Review (New York)

Whos in Charge Here?  Laura He / CNN (Atlanta)

In the Lab  Frank Tang / South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)

Wealth Inequality  Mahir Ali / Dawn (Karachi)

Bulgaria: Background on the Uprising

Jana Tsoneva / Al Jazeera (Doha)

Protests continue as Bulgarians demand the resignation of a scandal-ridden government.

Egypt: Breaking the Wall of Fear

Feras Abu-Helal / Middle East Monitor (London)

Organising demonstrations has become an act of utmost boldness and sacrifice, a decision for which no writer, movement or party can claim to be responsible. It has ultimately been in the hands of the people.

South African Unions on Strike Alert

Pavan Kulkarni / Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)

The strike has been called by the Congress of South African Trade Unions, the largest trade union confederation in the country and a traditional ally of the ruling ANC – until now.

Azerbaijani Leftist Youth Call for Peace

LeftEast (Bucharest)

Our enemy is not a random Armenian, whom we have never met in our lives and possibly never will. Our enemy are the very people in power, who have been impoverishing and exploiting the ordinary people for decades.

India: Farmers Fight Follow-up

Vijoo Krishnan / The Citizen (New Delhi)

Last week’s Pratirodh Diwas or Resistance Day against the government’s three Anti-Farmer Acts has been by far the farmers’ most widespread agitation.