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Friday Nite Videos | November 20, 2020

Trump & Election Results | John Oliver. 'We Didn’t Start the Fire’ | The Trump Presidency in 3 Minutes. Jordan Klepper Takes on the Million MAGA March. Visible Beethoven. Feed the Birds (Trump Pence and MAGA) | Roy Zimmerman.


Trump & Election Results | John Oliver

A week after Joe Biden’s win in the US presidential election, John Oliver discusses Donald Trump’s various attempts to overturn the results, why his claims don’t hold water, and the consequences of indulging him.


Florida Voters Approve $15 Minimum Wage

Dave Jamieson Huffington Post
Under the new law in Florida, the current minimum wage of $8.56 will rise to $10 next year. It will increase $1 each year thereafter until it hits $15 in 2026. After that, it will adjust annually according to an inflation index.

Friday Nite Videos | October 23, 2020

The Full Story of Trump and COVID-19. "Vote Him Away #3 (The Liar Tweets Tonight)". The Last Trump Debate. Make It So. Obama in Philadelphia: The Whole Glorious Speech. ‘C’mon Man’: Biden’s Refrain at the Debate

How a Microphone Works

David Dayen The American Prospect
And why the Commission on Presidential Debates doesn’t want to understand it
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